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"I like to say that Memphis is the 'biggest small town' I have ever lived in. We are all so connected to one another through church, work and family ties. This makes us one family, one community, one 901. Our family needs real solutions. I am willing to do the work that is needed, willing to use my real experience and real leadership skills to get the job done."
Jobs & Small Business
Economic vitality is key to the success of every thriving community. The diversity needed to accomplish this level of vitality is only possible through intentional focus on good jobs and strong small businesses. 

As we strive to improve the quality of life for all members of our community, we must focus on life sustaining wages, job quality, and career pathing. The average household income in the state of Tennessee is $53,320.00 yet the average household income in District 33 is $33,580.00 nearly 37% less. This is unacceptable. We can do better and we must do better. 

Small businesses offer many benefits to a community. They help establish the identity of the community, offer local jobs, and increase the diversity of products available to residents. The businesses in our community require more resources. These resources come from the state and federal level. We must bring these resources home so there is access to fresh and affordable food, diverse offerings of goods and access to the services needed to ensure we have the basic resources District 33 deserves.
With the roll out of a new education formula, there are many unanswered questions for parents and educators alike. Most importantly, while we continue to search for the answers, we must stay steadfast in meeting the needs of our children by preparing them for the future. A future filled with technology and ever changing standards.

For students to compete in the workforce of the future we must ensure they are introduced to the concept of career exploration in elementary school, career investigation in middle school and career preparation in high school. Ensuring that our children are prepared to participant in the budding economic prosperity of our region.

"As a resident of District 33, I see the need everyday. You can trust that I am ready to roll my sleeves up and get the job done." -Rhonnie Brewer


More and more members of our community are being priced out of communities where they have lived their entire lives. Addressing the need of families by keeping housing affordable is critical to the stability and well being of us all. We must take a long hard look at ways to increase the amount of affordable housing stock while encouraging responsible community-supported development projects which directly address the needs of the community.

Never has public safety been as critical to address as it is now. With so many unoccupied and blighted properties our community is a high target area for crime.  Additionally we have seen a spike in violent crimes.

We must address this issue together which is why I have been working with community leaders to form Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) which include residents, police, fire, and zoning. The creation of CSPs give communities the ability to manage and mitigate safety concerns as they arise. Community-led safety initiatives keep people safe. Fully funding these types of initiatives brings us one step closer to fully funding public safety.
As a stroke survivor I understand the need for adequate healthcare especially for those with chronic health conditions and our seniors. Did you know more than 250,000 Tennesseans are without healthcare? That's too many of our neighbors without coverage, many of them essential workers. They may be the person bagging your groceries or working at the daycare center where you leave your children each day. They are working, don’t qualify for traditional Medicaid, and don’t earn enough to receive insurance subsidies under the Affordable Care Act. Even more startling is the fact that Black Tennesseans are more than twice as likely as other adults to have no healthcare coverage. 

Expanding Medicaid in Tennessee is not an "if" but a "when". Continuing to overwhelm emergency rooms with uninsured patients is a burden on our first responders and ineffective healthcare planning for Tennesseans.