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Humanity Pledge-Resolution to make stiffer penalties for hate crimes in TN

By Amy Speropoulos,

April 03, 2021 at 6:56 am CDT

A number of non-profits came together Friday at the headquarters of AFSCME.

They are calling on everyone in the community to take the humanity pledge.

Cooper was leading the way with Rhonnie Brewer, CEO of ProGany Place, a nonprofit designed specifically to help minority women in need in the 901.

She stood tall, masked up and standing in support to end hate.

Among those there the Memphis Urban League and The Memphis Branch of the NAACP.

They said they are focusing on the economic disparities of minorities.

The purpose of the Humanity Pledge, Brewer told us, is to request elected officials, state and local leaders to acknowledge what they said is a huge problem in and around the Mid-South and across the state of Tennessee: Racism.

“What we are hoping is this moment starts a movement across our country in other cities, in other counties, in other states because what we would like to see is an eradication of racism it has had such a stronghold on communities of color for centuries, and what we are asking today is to kick off this humanity pledge in such a way that it just sets a fire across the county,” Brewer said.

“It is a health crisis for anyone who has gone and lived as long as I have,” Cooper said. “I’ve been blessed, and you have, too, to be here this long and to live 45-years segregated and then become now integrated, and I’m trying now to get used to being integrated, and I’m really excited about everyone who has started talking.”

She told us the resolution is being drafted as we speak and could be ready as soon as next week.

In addition to state and local leaders folks in the community can take part and sign the humanity pledge by going to

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