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Parents Openly Discuss Bullying Amidst TX School Shooting Tragedy

Author: Annette Peagler

Published: 6:34 AM CDT May 22, 2018

Updated: 6:34 AM CDT May 22, 2018

Between bullying and the threat of deadly violence, we want to protect our kids, but we don’t want to over-react either.

Experts say being candid and open with your child is more important now than ever. It’s important for parents to get over any fears they may have and be open and honest with your child. Ask lots of questions. Having those conversations can be difficult, but it’s necessary.

The motive is still unclear – but the mother of one girl killed last week in Santa Fe Texas says her daughter was murdered for simply saying no to a boy pursuing her.

“She finally stood up to him because her younger sister was being bullied in school and she was showing her look this is what you do. you gotta stand up to him and say no it’s not right,” said Sadie Baze, the victim’s mother.

Hearing this strikes fear into Memphis mom, Rhonnie Brewer, who has two daughters.

“As a woman, I feel like we have the right to make a decision who we spend our time with, but it’s also scary and it reminds me a lot that we have to teach our children about certain life lessons,” Brewer explained.

“It really doesn’t happen in my grade, more in 8th grade, but it does happen a lot in the school,” said Apri Wilkins, a 7th grader at Colonial Middle School.

Dr. Tim Goldsmith of Youth Villages says it’s important to teach children at an early age how to say no and how to handle rejection.

“To talk to some of these young people about a rejection, they may not get into a school play. They didn’t make the sports team. A female or male rejected them, a romantic rejection so all of those things could go on,” Dr. Goldsmith said.

It’s something Brewer says she tries to do often.

“I try to give them real examples like when they ask me questions about how they should handle something,” Brewer explained.

“It lets you get things off of your chest. You don’t hold it and burst out so you should really build a relationship with someone close to you,”

If you are experiencing any type of constant bullying or abuse at school, you should immediately report it to a teacher, or school administrator.

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