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Shelby County Commissioners Block Landfill Building Permits For 6 Months

Author: Annette Johnson

Published: 10:34 PM CST January 22, 2018

Updated: 10:34 PM CST January 22, 2018

Monday afternoon busloads of Hickory Hill neighbors showed up at the Shelby County Commission meeting to support a temporary ban on landfills construction anywhere in Shelby County.

Shelby County commissioners voted unanimously on a six-month moratorium on building permits for landfills in Shelby County.

Hickory Hill residents packed the Shelby County Commissioner’s meeting Monday to voice their concerns ahead of a vote to block any construction of landfills in the county for the next six months.

“Currently, we have some properties zoned a certain way right now that would never come before us, the people’s voices will never be heard, and they just put landfills there,” said Shelby County Commissioner Eddie Jones.

That’s part of the reason why Jones says he created this resolution. Frayser already fought the battle and won. Then came word Hickory Hill, Cordova or Raleigh might be targeted next by Memphis Wrecking Company.

Hickory Hill residents seem to think they’re the most likely choice and they are worried about land that’s zoned for industrial use.

“And their argument is well it’s already zoned heavy industrial, but that doesn’t give you the right to put something that could potentially harm people in their community,” said Concerned citizen, Rhonnie Brewer.

Commissioner Jones hopes his resolution will protect not just Hickory Hill, but the entire county from the same loophole.

“If it’s dealing with environmental issues it must come back before the legislative bodies as well as a public notice so that the people will have their say so,” Commissioner Jones explained.

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